Faza jalandharii

1905 - 1968 | Pakistan

Profile of Faza jalandharii

Pen Name : 'Faza'

Real Name : Syed Dil Mohammad

Born : 27 Jul 1905 | Jalandhar, Punjab

Died : 17 Jun 1968

Faza Jalandhari was born Dil Mohammad on 27 July, 1905, in Jalandhar. He studied at Panjab University and started writing poetry while pursuing his studies. He sought counselling on his poetry from Riaz Khairabadi and Jalil Manikpuri. Later, he became a disciple of Dil Shahjahanpuri.  Following the Partition of India, he migrated to Pakistan.

Fiza published his ghazals in the prestigious journals of India and Pakistan with great regularity. These were remarkable for bearing the classical traits of poetry and received appreciation from his readers. It is a sheer misfortune that his personal library and three of his poetry collections were burnt in the fire that broke out following the unrest in eastern Punjab. It appears that his poetry was never published in a collection.

He died on 17 June, 1968.   

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