Iftikhar Imam Siddiqi's Photo'

Iftikhar Imam Siddiqi

1947 | Mumbai, India

Real Name : Iftikhar Imam Siddiqi

Born : 19 Nov 1947 | Agra, Uttar pradesh

Relatives : Ejaz Siddiqi (Father), Seemab Akbarabadi (Grand Father), Hamid Iqbal Siddiqui (Brother)

LCCN :n2012215019

dard saarī taheñ aur saare guzre hādse

sab dhuāñ ho jā.eñge ik vāqi.a rah jā.egā

dard ki sari tahen aur sare guzre hadse

sab dhuan ho jaenge ek waqia rah jaega

Iftekhar Imam Siddiqui, son of prominent poet Aijaz Siddiqui and grandson of poet-mentor Seemab Akbarabadi, was born at Agra in 1947. His literary heritage contributed clearly towards his own growth as a poet and editor of Shair, a journal of lasting repute founded by his grandfather. While hailing from a family of litterateurs, he carved his own place as a poet, editor, and prose writer. His ghazals came to be recognized for their classical disciplines and novelty of expression. Some well-known singers have also sung his ghazals. He has recited his poetry at the mushairas both in India and Pakistan. One of his important achievements as an editor of Shair is his compilation of the special issues of this journal on major literary personalities.

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