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Iqbal Sajid

1932 - 1988 | Lahore, Pakistan

Popular poet from Pakistan/ Died young

Popular poet from Pakistan/ Died young

Profile of Iqbal Sajid

Pen Name : 'Sajid'

Real Name : Mohammad Iqbal

Born :Saharanpur, Uttar pradesh

Died : 18 May 1988

sūraj huuñ zindagī ramaq chhoḌ jā.ūñgā

maiñ Duub bhī gayā to shafaq chhoḌ jā.ūñgā

suraj hun zindagi ki ramaq chhoD jaunga

main Dub bhi gaya to shafaq chhoD jaunga

Mohammad Iqbal was born in 1932 in Landhoora of district Saharanpur. He migrated to Lahore after partition. He had studied only till his tenth class. His penury forced him to sell his poetry but this proves the salability of his poetry. He wrote under the pen name Sajid. For a few days he worked for Radio Pakistan. He was a columnist as well. However, he had no permanent source of income, so to make both the ends meet he had to use the means of earning, that were not considered dignified in society. He was the disciple of Nazish Haidry. Due to starvation accompanied by his habit of heavy drinking proved fatal for him and he died on 18 May 1988 in Lahore. Asasa is his collection of poetry that was compiled posthumously. 

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