Izhar Asar's Photo'

Izhar Asar

1929 | Delhi, India

Pen Name : 'Asar'

Real Name : Izhar-ul-Hasan

Born : 15 Jun 1929

ek shai thī ba-andāz-e-digar māñgī thī

maiñ ne bīnā.ī nahīñ tujh se nazar māñgī thī

ek hi shai thi ba-andaz-e-digar mangi thi

main ne binai nahin tujh se nazar mangi thi

Izahar Asar is one of those few authors who pursued science fiction writing with remarkable seriousness. With his novels Aadhi Zindagi, Masheenon ki Baghawat and Bees Hazaar Saal Baad, he authenticated the tradition of science fiction writing in Urdu. His poetry too bears the mark of this essential preoccupation and shows the impact of science on his poetry in clear terms.
Izhar Asar was born on 15 June, 1927 at Kiratpur in Bijnaur district. He could not continue his education after passing his matriculation examination as he was required to earn his livelihood. He worked as a freelance journalist and edited reputed journals like Bano and Chilman from Delhi. He also launched a fortnightly literary journal called Hamqalam as well as a digest in Urdu. A prolific writer of extraordinary merit, he is said to have written about a thousand books of science fiction, detective fictions, and other books of popular appeal.    

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