Jameel Malik's Photo'

Jameel Malik

1928 - 2001 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Jameel'

Real Name : Abdul Jameel Malik

Born : 12 Aug 1928 | Rawalpindi, Punjab

Died : 13 Nov 2001

Abdul Jameel Malik was born on 12 August 1928, in Rawalpindi. He did his M.A. in Urdu from Gordon College, Rawalpindi. Having finished his diploma in journalism and B.Ed. from Punjab University and Central College, Lahore, he pursued his M.A in Persian.  He worked as the head of Urdu Department in F.G. Sir Syed College, Rawalpindi. He was a well known poet and educationalist of Urdu and Punjabi. He used the pen name, Jameel. He died on 13 November 2001. Sar-O-Charaghan, Tuloo-E-Farda, Parda-E-Sukhan, Nadeem Ki Shairy, Tanqeed-O-Sawaneh, Pas-E-Aaina, Shaakh-E-Sabz, Jharokey are the collections of his works.

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