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Khayal Laddakhi's Photo'

Khayal Laddakhi

1973 | Leh, India

Profile of Khayal Laddakhi

Born : 27 Sep 1973 | Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

Jigmet Norbu (Khayal Ladakhi) is an Urdu/ Hindvi Poet from Leh Ladakh. For the first two years of his schooling he studied Urdu and rest he studies Hindi. Although he hasn’t got any formal education in Urdu but has managed to Publish five books of Urdu Poetry so far namely, “Ibteda e Khayal” in 2013, “Dewan e Khayal” in 2015 and “Aazaar e Khayal” in 2017, “Izhar e Khayal (Urdu)” 2022 and “Izhar e Khayal (Hindi) 2022. And he is the only Ladakhi Buddhist to represent Urdu/ Hindvi on a National Level. Khayal Ladakhi has participated in Literary Seminars, Poetic Symposiums and literary seminars on District, State (The then Jammu & Kashmir) and National levels. His love for Urdu/Hindvi Poetry has made him quite known in Leh and Kargil as he participates in Mushairas in Kargil and Leh very often. In his poetry he has tried Ghazals (Couplets) Qataats (Segments) Nazms (Free Verses) Doha (Hindi couplets) and some Punjabi poetry as well. Although most of his compositions are serious and deep but he also likes sarcasm and comic in his poetry. His Comical Parodies on Ghalib, Ahmed Faraz and Jigar are one of the favorite among his audience. We can easily make out that Khayal Ladakhi is very influenced by Ghalib, Daagh, Jigar and Adam, he also accepts that he has always liked these poets.

He started Urdu Poetry somewhere in 1990 and did not stop after that. Khayal Ladakhi has a good command on Urdu/Hindvi language especially in Urdu/Hindvi Poetry. He is working on a book called “Qaida e Sukhan” based on ilm ul urooz (Science of Poetry). The book will be in public soon which tells about the rules, scales/meters and types of Urdu/Hindvi Poetry in a simple manner that everyone understands easily. He also manages to find some time to teach Urdu/Hindvi Poetry to some Poets on the social media.

Khayal Ladakhi is planning to launch three more books namely: “Qaaida-e-Sukhan”, a book of Urdu/Hindvi Poetry techniques, Scales and Genres, “Dard e dil” an anthology of Urdu/Hindvi poetry and “Paikar e Rbaayi” a collection of rubaayis.

His work has always been appreciated throughout and published by, Aalami Meras (Pune), Tehreek e Adab (Banaras), Preet Larhi (Amritsar), Sukhanwar (Bhopal), Sheeraza (J&K Academy of Art Culture and Languages) and many other news papers and magazines.

Khayal Ladakhi launched his 4th and 5th books IZHAAR E KHAYAL (Poetry collection) in Urdu/Persian script as well as in Devnagri script in Ghalib Academy Delhi as well as in Aligarh in collaboration with Aligarh Muslim University and Ibn e sena Academy Aligarh, thus becoming the first Urdu/Hindvi poet from Ladakh to launch his books with Ghalib Academy and AMU.

On 15th of Aug 2023 he was nominated for District Award for Literature by UT of Ladakh for his efforts in bridging between Urdu and Hindi/Hindvi. 

Khayal Ladakhi was also asked to perform duties as Incharge Urdu Desk Ladakh Academy of Art and Languages (Voluntary) by UT Ladakh Govt. which he accepted and has been working as Incharge Special Desk for Urdu in Ladakh Academy of Art Culture and Languages.  He has organized Mushairas and Literary fest under Urdu Desk Banner in Ladakh. Khayal Ladakhi lives in Leh with his family, wife and two sons, and runs an automobile workshop/Spares for a living.

Details of his books are as under:
1. IBTEDA E KHAYAL         (Mekhala Publications Delhi) 2013
2. DEWAN E KHAYAL         (Hind Publications Delhi) 2015
3. AAZAR E KHAYAL         (Hind Publications Delhi) 2017
4. IZHAR E KHAYAL Urdu (Hind Publications Delhi) 2022
5. IZHAR E KHAYAL Hindi (Swadeshi Press Delhi) 2022

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