Liyaqat Ali Aasim's Photo'

Liyaqat Ali Aasim

1951 - 2019 | Karachi, Pakistan

Born : 14 Aug 1951 | Karachi, Sindh

Died : 29 Jun 2019

bahut roī huī lagtī haiñ āñkheñ

mirī ḳhātir zarā kājal lagā lo

bahut roi hui lagti hain aankhen

meri KHatir zara kajal laga lo

Noted Urdu poet Liyaqat Ali Asim was born on August 14, 1951, in Karachi. In 1980, he became associated with the Urdu Dictionary Board, and, after 3 long decades of service, retired in 2011 as the Editor of the board. A total of eight collections of his poems have been published and well-received by Urdu readers. These include, Sabd-e-Gul (1970), Aangan Mein Samandar (1988), Raqs-e-Wisal (1996), Naseeb-e-Shahr (2008), Dil Kharashi (2011), Baagh To Saara Jaane Hai (2013), Nish-e-Ishq (2017), and a collection of poems published a week before his death, ‘Mere Katbe Pe Uska Naam Likho’. All his poetry collections have been compiled and published in the form of a Kulliyat under the title ‘Yak-Jaan’.

He had been suffering from cancer for some time and passed away on June 29, 2019, in Karachi. He was laid to rest at Muhammad Shah Cemetery, North Karachi.

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