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Meem Hasan Lateefi

1905 - 1959

Profile of Meem Hasan Lateefi

Real Name : Meem Hasan Lateefi

Born : 11 Dec 1905 | Ludhiana, Punjab

Died : 23 May 1959 | Lahore, Punjab

M. Hasan Latifi was born on 11 December, 1905 at Ludhiana in Punjab. He received his degree of M. A. in English from Aligarh Muslim University and Diploma in Journalism from Oxford University. He also developed expertise in Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, and English, apart from other European languages. This helped him develop a comprehensive perspective on language and how it could be used with greater force to express the authorial intent.

Latifi acquired his expertise in writing long poems, some of which were published independently. He also experimented with free verse and imparted a touch of authenticity to it. He also wrote in prose and is known basically as one of those who laid the foundation of what is known as Solo Journalism. Apart from being associated with several journals, he also edited a journal called Mutaleaa both in Urdu and English which he published from his personal press Shatoor. Some of his works include Latifiyaat (1), Latifiyaat (2), Haft Aaweza, Azmat-e-Aadam, and Rooh-e-Jaan Nasheen. Latifi passed away on 23 May, 1959 in Lahore. 

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