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Muztar Haidri

1920 - 1975 | Kolkata, India

Popularly known for his mellifluous tarannum.

Popularly known for his mellifluous tarannum.

Pen Name : 'Muztar'

Real Name : Dilawar Hussain

Born :Kolkata, West Bengal

Died : 14 Jan 1975 | Kolkata, West Bengal

ḳhulūs ho to kahīñ bandagī qaid nahīñ

sanam-kade meñ tavāf-e-haram bhī mumkin hai

KHulus ho to kahin bandagi ki qaid nahin

sanam-kade mein tawaf-e-haram bhi mumkin hai

Muztar Haidari was born Dilawar Hussain. His ancestral home was in Agra but he was born in Calcutta in 1922. He was regarded as a poet of considerable merit among his contemporaries. He also had a mellifluous voice which distinguished him as a poet who could render and receive applause from select audiences among whom he recited his poetry. He published his works in a collection called Jaam-e-Jam and it received favourable response from his readers.

Muztar lived a life of miseries. His poetry bears testimony to all that he suffered and sustained, and expressed with great artistic merit. He died in a mysterious circumstance by drowning in a pond on 14 May 1975. 

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