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Naqsh Layalpuri

1928 - 2017 | Mumbai, India

Profile of Naqsh Layalpuri

Pen Name : 'Naqsh Layalpuri'

Real Name : Jaswant Rai Sharma

Born : 24 Feb 1928 | Lyallpur, Punjab

Died : 22 Jan 2017

Naqsh Layalpuri was born on February 24, 1928 at Layalpur (now in Pakistan). His real name was Jaswant Rai Sharma and used Naqsh Layalpuri as his pen-name. Naqsh's father was an engineer and wanted his son to follow his footsteps. At the behest of his Urdu teacher, who understood his potential, Naqsh went to Lahore to study literature. He became the toast at mushairas in London. Post independence, he moved to Lucknow with family. Later he moved to Mumbai in 1951 to seek career in films and settled there as a lyricist. He wrote for many films including Chetna (1970),  Rasme ulfat ko nibhaye toh nibhaye kaise (Dil Ki Rahen – 1973), Ulfat mein zamane ki (Call Girl – 1974), Yeh mulaqat ek bahana hai (Khandaan – 1979). He also wrote more than 350 songs for 40 Punjabi films. He died on 22nd January 2106 in Mumbai.

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