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Naseem Shahjahanpuri

1937 | Shahjahanpur, India

Profile of Naseem Shahjahanpuri

Pen Name : 'Naseem'

Real Name : Munshi Mohammad Khan

Born : 15 Jan 1937 | Junagarh, Gujarat

Munshi Naseem Muhammad Khan was born on 15 January 1937 in Junagarh, India. He had a metric degree. Besides that he passed many exams of Urdu, Arabic and Persian. He was an employ of I.G.S Calcutta, which is a Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of India. He wrote under the pen name, Naseem. Mauj-E-Naseem is the collection of his poetry while Dil Shahjahanpuri is a long poem of him that pays the tribute to the discussed poet.

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