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Naz Khialvi

1947 - 2010 | Faisalabad, Pakistan

Known for his verse 'Tum Ek Gorakh Dhandha Ho'

Known for his verse 'Tum Ek Gorakh Dhandha Ho'

Profile of Naz Khialvi

Real Name : Mohammad Siddique

Born : 12 Dec 1947 | Faisalabad, Punjab

Died : 12 Dec 2010 | Faisalabad, Punjab

Naz Khialvi was a Pakistani lyricist and radio broadcaster, who is mainly known for his Sufi verse Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho (later sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), a legendary Qawwali singer, making both of them a household name. He also hosted a radio programme, Sandhal Dharti at Faisalabad radio station for 27 years.


Khialvi's first Book ‘SaaiaN Way’, comprising of Punjabi ‘kaafi’, was published in 2009; and his second book ‘Lahu kay Phool’, the title of which has now been changed to ‘Tum Ik Gorakh Dhanda Ho’, comprising of Urdu ghazals, is under compilation.

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