Noon Meem Rashid's Photo'

Noon Meem Rashid

1910 - 1975 | United Kingdom

One of the founding-fathers of modern Urdu poetry.

One of the founding-fathers of modern Urdu poetry.

Pen Name : 'Rashid'

Real Name : Nazar Mohammad Janjua

Born : 01 Aug 1910 | Sialkot, Pakistan

Died : 09 Oct 1975 | London, United Kingdom

ġham-e-āshiqī meñ girah-kushā na ḳhirad huī na junūñ huā

vo sitam sahe ki hameñ rahā na pa.e-ḳhirad na sar-e-junūñ

gham-e-ashiqi mein girah-kusha na KHirad hui na junun hua

wo sitam sahe ki hamein raha na pae-KHirad na sar-e-junun

Poet, thinker and critic Noon Meem Rashid was born on 1st August 1910 in Janjua family of Village Kot Bhaaga Akaal Garh Gujranwala, Punjab. He acquired master degree in economics from the Government College Lahore and served a brief period for Royal Indian Army during the second world war where he was promoted to the Army rank of Captain. Meraji introduced free verse in Urdu Poetry for the first time. His first collection, Maavra was published in 1941. Kulliyaat-e-Rashid is actually the compilation of his three collections along with the first one, Iran mein Ajnabi, Laa masavi Insan, Gumnam ka Mumkin, Maavra. His book Jadeed Farsi shaeri (Modern Persian poetry) is an invaluable critical piece on the modern Persian poetry, Persian poets, neologisms and the revolution that the Persian poetry went through in the 20th century. He died in London on 9th Oct 1975.