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Razi Raziuddin

1953 | USA

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Real Name : Razi Raziuddin

Born : 01 Jan 1953 | Azamgarh, Uttar pradesh

Razi Raziuddin (born, January 1, 1953) is a research scientist of Medical Sciences from Aligarh Muslim University. He completed his PhD (Biochemistry) from Banaras Hindu University. He migrated to the United States in 1980 and is currently pursuing his scientific career at the prestigious National Cancer Institute. His interest in Urdu poetry is the outcome of his observation and experiences of life. Also, the fact that he belonging to a very educated, progressive, and literary family adds on to his poetic persuasions.

He grew up reading the likes of Faiz, Sahir, Majaz, Ahmad Faraz, and most of the progressive writers. His poems are the prism through which he radiates his lifetime indulgences and henceforth aspires to see a world and its people, free from their own created miseries.



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