Sabir Zafar's Photo'

Sabir Zafar

1949 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Prominent contemporary poet from Pakistan

Prominent contemporary poet from Pakistan

Real Name : Muzaffar Ahmad

Born : 12 Sep 1949

LCCN :n90677151

ai kaash ḳhud sukūt bhī mujh se ho ham-kalām

maiñ ḳhāmushī-zada huuñ sadā chāhiye mujhe

ai kash KHud sukut bhi mujh se ho ham-kalam

main KHamushi-zada hun sada chahiye mujhe

Sabir Zafar was born as Muzaffar Ahmed at Kahuta in Rawalpindi district on September 12, 1949. His father, a schoolteacher, was transferred from place to place and so young Sabir also changed schools before doing his intermediate from Rabwah College. He began writing poetry in 1968, but he was a political activist before he became a poet. He is associated with the press information department of the Sindh government. His ghazals have been sung by almost all known singers including Ghulam Ali, Munni Begum. Sabir Zafar’s poetry – both the pieces sung by renowned singers and groups and otherwise – has won him high acclaim by serious readers of poetry and those interested in music. He has as many as 22 collections of ghazals.