Sadique Naseem's Photo'

Sadique Naseem

1924 | Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Sadiq'

Real Name : Sardar Ghulaam Sadiq Khan

Born : 24 Sep 1924 | Taxila, Punjab

jab bhī tirī qurbat ke kuchh imkāñ nazar aa.e

ham ḳhush hue itne pareshāñ nazar aa.e

jab bhi teri qurbat ke kuchh imkan nazar aae

hum KHush hue itne ki pareshan nazar aae

Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan was born in the Khurram of Taxila region on 24 September 1924. He was taught Persian by his father. He was a graduate and following the family tradition, joined the army and continued to be associated with defense services. He wrote under the pen name Saadiq and was known as Sadiq Naseem. Sadiq Naseem is popular as a poet of ghazal and is passionate about Persian literature. Reg-E-Rawan, Harf-E-Sadiq, Roshni Chiraghon Ki, Shaqsi Khaakey, and Khaak-E-Madeena-O-Najaf are the collections of his poetry. 

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