Sahir Bhopali's Photo'

Sahir Bhopali


Pen Name : 'Sahir'

Real Name : Mohammad Khan

Born :Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Sahir Bhopali was born Mohammad Khan. He was born at Bhopal in 1911. He had to discontinue his education after completing his Matriculation. He was weak of hearing which did not prove a severe handicap but caused inconvenience. He lived in Bombay for a long time. His poetry was regularly published in Niaz Fatehpuri’s prestigious journal Nigar, as well as other journals of those days. Niaz Fathpuri held him in high esteem and he also expressed his critical opinion on his poetry. Sahir Bhopali published three collections of his poetry entitled Sadaa-i-Dil, Yad-e-Baiza, and Sehar Halal.


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