Sahir Hoshiyarpuri's Photo'

Sahir Hoshiyarpuri

1913 - 1972 | Faridabad, India

Pen Name : 'Sahir'

Real Name : Ram Prakash Ohari

Born : 10 Feb 1913 | Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Died : 30 Jan 1972

Relatives : Josh Malsiani (Mentor), Malti (Daughter)

Sahir Hoshiarpuri was born Ram Prakash on February 10, 1913 at Hoshiarpur in Punjab. He received his education in Lahore which used to be the biggest center of literature and culture in the pre-partition days. He got his degree of M. A. in Persian and later joined his family business. One of the prominent poets of Urdu, Sahir is remarkable especially for his expertise in expressing himself in short lines of given metres with remarkable expertise. This helped him acquire a unique identity among his contemporaries and also earn a certain place in mushairas. He received counseling on his poetry from Josh Malsiani. His ghazals, nazms and rubais are collected in Sehar-e- ghazal, Sehar-e-Naghma, and Sehar-e-Harf. He also wrote a musaddas entitled Mahavir Mahima which was based on the life of Mahavir. In addition, Sahir also translated the stories of Panchatantra into English.  

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