aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

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Saifuddin Saif

1922 - 1993 | Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistani poet and lyricist.

Pakistani poet and lyricist.

Profile of Saifuddin Saif

Pen Name : 'saif'

Real Name : saifuddin

Born : 20 Mar 1922 | Amritsar, Punjab

Died : 12 Jul 1993 | Lahore, Punjab

LCCN :n97940392

aaj raat vo aa.e haiñ baḌī der ke ba.ad

aaj raat baḌī der ke ba.ad aa.ī hai

aaj ki raat wo aae hain baDi der ke baad

aaj ki raat baDi der ke baad aai hai

Saifuddin Saif was born in Amritsar in 1922. He wrote some very powerful poems during his college days. He was always inclined towards writing for films, but the films for which he had written lyrics before partition were not released due to the unfavorable conditions in the subcontinent. Saif penned songs for Teri Yaad (1948) which was the first film to be released in Pakistan and received admiration for the freshness of his poetry. 


Hichkoley (1949), Amanat (1950) and Naveli (1952) were his earliest films, but his career truly flourished in 1953 when his songs in Ghulam, Mehbooba became hits. Saifuddin Saif inaugurated his own film making company ‘Rehnuma Films’ in 1954. He scripted and presented a film Raat Ki Baat under this banner, which flopped miserably, but his next movie, in 1957, titled Saat Lakh, literally minted money, as its name and script suggested. In 1959, he came up with another gem, which was Kartar Singh. He wrote its sterling script and dialogues and also directed it with a perfect vision.


He compiled his ghazals and nazms in the collection titled ‘Kham-e-Kaakul’.


Saifuddin Saif died in 1993 in the 73rd year of his life.

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