Salim Saleem's Photo'

Salim Saleem

1985 | Delhi, India

Prominent upcoming poet.

Prominent upcoming poet.

Real Name : Salim Saleem

Born : 05 Sep 1985 | Azamgarh, India

apne jaisī koī tasvīr banānī thī mujhe

mire andar se sabhī rañg tumhāre nikle

apne jaisi koi taswir banani thi mujhe

mere andar se sabhi rang tumhaare nikle

Salim Saleem was born in the reputed city of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh in the year 1985. After completing his early education at Jamiat-ul-Falaah, Bilariyaganj; he headed to Aligarh and obtained bachelors degree. Salim obtained his masters degree in Urdu from the prestigous Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. He went on to get an M.Phil degree from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi wherein he wrote a paper on the famous Urdu poet Jaun Eliya. In his research, Salim has keenly explored Jaun Eliya's mysterious personality and poetic skills. He is currently a Ph.D scholar at University of Delhi with the subject of his thesis being the works of the celebrated Urdu poet and critic Saleem Ahmed. 

His first poetry collection has been published in both Urdu and Nagri scripts by Rekhta Foundation, under the tiltes 'Waahima Wujuud Ka' and 'Sabhi Rang Tumhare Nikle' respectively. 

Salim Saleem has emerged as a major poet from amongst the young generation. In his poetry is found a fresh perspective to witness the existence of self and its surroundings.