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Sarwar Alam Raz

1935 | Texas, USA

Profile of Sarwar Alam Raz

Real Name : Sarwar Alam Raz

Born : 16 Mar 1935 | Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Relatives : Raz Chandpuri (Son)

Sarwar Alam Raz did his primary education from Jabalpur in MP. Later, he did his baccalaureate in Sciences (1956)as well as in Civil Engineering (1959) from Aligarh Muslim University. Following this he joined the University as a lecturer in Civil Engineering. He then moved to the US. to pursue higher studies in Civil Structural Engineering at the Louisiana State University and North Carolina State University. Sarwar was trained in Urdu poetry and literature by his distinguished father, the late Abul Fazil "Raz" Chandpuri. In poetry Sarwar’s forte is Urdu ghazal, however, he also writes Urdu short stories (afsaane) as well as literary criticism. His works are widely published in Urdu magazines of India as well as Pakistan. Shehr-e-Nigaar, Rang-e-Gulnaar, Durr-e-Shehwaar and Gulshan-e-Shiraz are collections of his ghazals that have been published. Teesra Haath is a collection of his short stories published in 2001. He has also authored Baaqiyaat-e-Raz, a book on the critical study of the poetry of his father and mentor. Presently, he is engrossed in a variety of Urdu literary events on the Internet and dedicates the major portion of his time and energy to helping new and relatively inexperienced writers and poets improve and hone their skills. He has also created a comprehensive system of Roman Urdu (Urdu in Roman script) writing which takes into account almost all of the finer points, details and niceties of Urdu: Imlaa and Talaffuz: and is exceptionally suitable for literary purposes.

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