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Shahid Mahuli

1943 | Delhi, India

Profile of Shahid Mahuli

Pen Name : 'Shahid'

Real Name : Shahid Husain Rizvi

Born : 01 Mar 1943 | Azamgarh, Uttar pradesh

LCCN :n80119207

ḳhuuñ sailāb thā jo sar se abhī guzrā hai

bām-o-dar ab bhī sisakte haiñ magar ghar chup haiñ

KHun ka sailab tha jo sar se abhi guzra hai

baam-o-dar ab bhi sisakte hain magar ghar chup hain

Shahid Mahuli is one of the notable voices of Urdu ghazal. He was born in 1943 at Mahil in the Azamagarh district of UP. He received his education at Gorakhpur and Agra Universities. He worked as Urdu faculty at B. L. J. College in Mirzapur. In 1970, he joined the Urdu cell at the central offices of the Congress party and edited its journal called Sab Saath. In 1978, he joined Ghalib Insitute in New Delhi where he worked with distinction. 
Apart from his poetry collections, Mahuli also published critical books. His publications include: Mnazar Pas-e-Manzar, Sunehri Udaasiyaan, Kaheen Kucch Nahi Hota, Indian National Congress ki Tareekh, Nai Nazm Naye Dastkhat, Pakistani Adab aur Culture Ka Mas’ala, Kaifi Azmi: Aks aur Jehatein, and Akhtarul Imaan: Aks aur Jehatein.

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