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Tabish Mehdi

1951 | Delhi, India

Popular poet stressing ethic values

Popular poet stressing ethic values

Real Name : Tabish Mehdi

Born :Pratapgarh, Uttar pradesh

LCCN :n97924262

agar phūloñ ḳhvāhish hai to sun lo

kisī raah meñ kāñTe na rakhnā

agar phulon ki KHwahish hai to sun lo

kisi ki rah mein kanTe na rakhna

Tabish Mehdi was born on 3rd July 1951 at Pratapgarh. He acquired degree in M.A Urdu and later awarded Ph.D for writing confirmatory book. His books on collection of poetries are " Tabeer", and "Salasbeel", have been published in 1998 & 2000 respectively. Apart from it "Urdu Tanqeed Ka Safar", "and Shafeeq Jaunpuri-Ek mutala" are his important books.

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