Zafar Sahbai's Photo'

Zafar Sahbai

1946 | Bhopal, India

Pen Name : 'zafar'

Real Name : Mohammad Yunus Khan

Born : 14 Jun 1946 | Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Zafar Sahbai, a distinguished name in the world of Urdu literature, is one of the important poets belonging to Bhopal. Born on 14th June 1946, his real name was Muhammad Younis Khan and his father’s name was Muhammad Yousuf. Bhopal, at that time, was the epicenter of knowledge and literature and, Zafar, fostered in an atmosphere where classical Urdu poetry was at its peak and people of all ranks prostrated to Jigar Moradabadi’s poetry in every Mushaira and gathering. Among the teachers who had their thing going at that time, the names of Sheri Bhopali, Sahba Qureshi, and Muhammad Ali Taj are important. Zafar entered the expanse of poetry at a time when the Progressive Writers movement had begun descending. Thus, he had in front of him a wonderful tradition of Bhopal's classical and progressive poetry on the one hand and on the other hand the trend of modernism that was attracting new artists with full vigor. He also had the fortune of being taught by a masterly teacher, Sahba Qureshi.

His poetry collection includes, ‘Dhoop Ke Phool (1977)’, ‘Chak Raushni (1988), and ‘Lafzon Ke Parinde (1998). For ‘Dhoop Ke Phool’ he was bestowed with the Ghalib award. A constant in national and international Mushairas, Zafar Sahabai, also worked for the Bhopal Times-News Agency. When Zafar was unemployed, lonely, deprived and under the duress of times he had started writing couplets to the meters of Film songs. This practice of song-writing later induced him to turn towards consequential poetry and made him expand his insight. This developed his poetic skills at a very early age and, as a result, helped him attain a prominent position among his contemporaries and peers.

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