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A Life in Years



27 December

Asadullah Beg Khan is born at Agra to Abdullah Beg Khan and Izzat-un-nissa Begum.

1808 (approx.)

Ghalib starts writing under the pen name 'Asad'.


9 August

Ghalib aged 13, is married to Umrao Begum, aged 11, of Delhi.


‘Asad’ takes the nom de plume 'Ghalib'


28 April

First hearing of the pension case.


27 January

Ghalib's appeal for pension is rejected.


First edition of Urdu diwan is published in Delhi



First edition of the persian Diwan, Maikhana-e-Arzu is published by Matba Dar-us-salam.


25 May

Ghalib is arrested for facilitating gambling at his house.


4 July

Bahadur Shah Zafar employs Ghalib on an income of 600 rupees to write the history of Taimur Dynasty.


Death of Umrao Begum's nephew, Zainul Abedin 'Arif, who was very dear to Ghalib.


First edition of Qadir Nama is published.


5 February

Ghalib becomes Ustad of Yusuf Ali Khan Rampur.



Dastambo, a brief first person account of the events of 1857 in Persian.


27 October

First collection of Urdu Letters, Ood-e-Hindi, is published.


15 February

Death of Ghalib. He is buried in family graveyard of Loharus near the shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin.



Here are some divergent shades of Mirza Ghalib’s multifaceted personality


Here are some divergent shades of Mirza Ghalib’s multifaceted personality

Poet of Eminence

Mirza Ghalib is one of the greatest poets witnessed in the history of Urdu Poetry. He has been the inspiration to Urdu poets across generations. Though difficult in their structure, his couplets are often quoted by the masses in their day-to-day life. This is one of those couplets - ‘maut ka ek din muayyan hai; nind kyun raat bhar nahin aati.’

Master of Persian

Mirza Ghalib had a strong command over Persian. His initial work was written in Persian and was inspired by acclaimed Persian poet Bedil Dehalvi. Ghalib remembers him through this couplet- ‘tarz-e-be-dil mein rekhta kahna; asadullah khan qayamat hai’. He also wrote a critique of prevalent Persian dictionary ‘Burhan-e-Qate’ under the title ‘Qate-e-Burhan’.

Mentor To Many

Mirza was a mentor to countless poets. ‘Shefta’, ‘Hali’, ‘Meer Mehdi Majrooh’ are just a few of the long list of his distinguished disciples. He also mentored ‘Dagh’ Dehlavi after the death of Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq.

Ghalib's Story Through His Letters

Interestingly, most of Ghalib's letters have survived. His distinct writing style and language lends credence to the letters. Primarily addressed to his friends, the letters encapsulate intricacies of Ghalib's life and times. The collection of Ghalib's letter is published into two volumes, 'Ood-e-Hindi' and 'Urdu-e-Moalla'

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Articles on Mirza Ghalib

Read interesting articles to explore his world

Articles on Mirza Ghalib

Read interesting articles to explore his world

Ballimaran or Billimaran: An Interesting Debate Akash Arsh

Ballimaran, a locality in Purani Dilli is alternatively mentioned by Ghalib as ‘Billimaaron’ in his letter to ‘Tafta’. Although there is no historical reference, a common theory is that there lived a community called Sahansi or Sansi, who used to eat meat of dogs and cats. This is how the neighbourhood was named ‘Billimaran’, a neighbourhood of ‘cat killers’.

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Ghalib, Bhopal and April Fool Prank Rizwanuddin Farooqui

Here I would like to specially mention a ghazal that was actually composed by Maulvi Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil and deluded even the most prolific scholars of Ghalib. In 1937, Maulvi Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil, the headmaster of Model School, Bhopal composed a Ghazal and published it in the school magazine, ‘Gauhar-e-Taleem.’ The ghazal was published under the heading “April-Fool”

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Great Urdu poet occupying a place of pride in world literature. Also one of the most quotable poets having shers for almost all situations of life.

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