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life, soul, sweetheart, vigour

know, understand, trust, believe






soul, life



name of a tree from which arrows and spears are made

for az an-from that


جان jān

P جان jān [Pehl. gān; Zend gaya; S. gaya, 'the vital air'], s.f.m. The breath of life, vitality; life, spirit, soul, mind; self; animation, vigour, energy, force, stamina; the best part, the essence (of a thing); that which imparts life, or beauty, &c. (to a thing), ornament, grace, beauty; a sweetheart, darling;—adj. (met.) Dear, beloved:—jān-āfirīn, s.m. Animator, creator of life (an epithet of the Deity):—jān-bāḵẖta, jān-bāz, adj. & s.m. Sporting with life, risking life, venturesome, daring, intrepid, spirited, mettlesome;—one who sports with life, a daring or intrepid man, &c.:—jān-bāzī, s.f. The state of life being at stake (e.g. jān-bāzī-ke waqt, 'when life is at stake'); risking life (in battle, &c.); intrepidity, mettle, spiritedness; working (at anything) as if life depended on success:—jān-bāzī karnā, To risk life (in battle, or an enterprise, &c.); to act bravely or fearlessly, be intrepid, &c.:—jān baćānā (-, or apnī), To save the life (of); to shirk, skulk; to funk:—jān ba-ḥaqq taslīm honā, 'The soul to be surrendered to God'; to die, expire:—jān-baḵẖsh, adj. & s.m. Animating, life-giving; forgiving;—forgiver of a capital crime; pardoner:—jān-baḵẖshī, s.f. Giving life, vivification; sparing life; forgiveness, pardon (of a capital crime); salvation:—jān bar-ḥaqq taslīm karnā, To give up the ghost, to expire:—jān-bar honā, v.n. To survive, outlive:—jān ba-lab, adj. At the point of death, dying, expiring:—jān bhārī honā (-par), To feel life to be a burden, to be weary of life:—jān-bīmā, s.m. A life-insurance policy:—jān-bīmā karnā, v.n. To insure (one's) life:—jān-par ānā, v.n. To be exposed to imminent danger:—jān-par bannā, v.n. To be in danger of life:—jān-par paṛnā, v.n.=jān-par ānā, q.v.:—jān-par (or -pa) khelnā, v.n. To put life at stake, to risk life, to run into danger, to place oneself in a perilous position; to sport or trifle with (one's) life:—jān paṛnā (-meṅ), To receive the breath of life, to be quickened; to receive new life, be refreshed, to revive:—jān-tarāsh, adj. Weakening:—jān taslīm karnā (apnī), To resign (one's) life:—jān-jokhoṅ, s.f. Risk or danger of life;—adv. In danger:—jān ćurānā, jān ćhupānā (apnī), To skrink (from), escape (from), to skulk, shirk (=jān baćānā):—jān ćhuṛānā (-, or apnī), To escape with life; to get rid of:—jān-dār, adj. Having life or strength; powerful, active; lively, spirited (as a horse);—s.m. A living thing, an animal (generally implying strength);—jān-dārī, s.f. Animation, spirit, spiritedness:—jān dūbar honā, v.n.=jān bhārī honā:—jān denā (-par), To yield up life; to lose or sacrifice (one's) life (for), to die (for):—jān-sāz, adj. Mind-feigning; dissembling:—jān-sipār (or supār), adj. Resigning (one's) life into the hands of another (an epithet of a lover):—jān-sitān, adj. Life destroying, destructive of life (as poison, or a snake, &c.):—jān-sitānī, s.f. The taking or

destruction of life:—jān-soḵẖta, adj. Having the soul inflamed:—jān-soz, adj. Life-consuming, soul-tormenting, very painful; heart-inflaming; beloved;—jān-se jānā, v.n. To give up life, to pass away, to die:—jān-se mārnā or mār-ḍālnā, v.t. To deprive of life, to kill:—jān-se hāth dho-baiṭhnā, v.n. To wash one's hands of life, to be weary of life; to despair of life:—jān-farsā, adj. Life-consuming:—jān-fizā, adj. Life-increasing, animating:—jān-fishān, adj. Ready to sacrifice oneself for another, devoted, zealous, fervent;—jān-fishānī, s.f. Sacrificing (one's) life in the service of another, devotion, devotedness, zeal; hard labour; extreme diligence;—jān-fishānī karnā, v.n. To be very devoted or zealous; to practise extreme diligence; to labour or strive hard, to strain every nerve:—jān-kā dushman, jān-kā lāgū, jān-kā lewā, s.m. Deadly foe, mortal enemy;—jān-kā lāgū honā (-), To pursue (one) to death; to persecute, harass, worry:—jān-kāh, adj. Life-reducing, soul-exhausting; heart-breaking, afflicting; affecting, pathetic;—jān-kāhī, s.f. Diminution of life; what tends to shorten life:—jān-kandan, s.m., jān-kandanī, s.f., jān-kanī, s.f. The agonies of death, agony, torture:—jān khānā (-), To reduce to straits, to overcome, exhaust; to worry, tease, vex, annoy, plague, torment:—jān khonā (-ke sabab), To sacrifice or give up life (for):—jān-kī amān, s.f. Safety of (one's) life; life, quarter:—jān-ke-barābar rakhnā (-ko), To hold (one) as dear as life, to deem precious, to value or prize highly:—jān-ke lāle paṛnā, v.n.=jān-se hāth dho-baiṭhnā:—jān-gudāz, adj. Soul-melting, life-dissolving, life-destroying; baneful, pernicious; weakening; consuming;—jān-gudāzī, s.f. Dissolving or taking away of life; banefulness, &c.:—jān-lewā, s.m.=jān-kā lewā, q.v.:—jān mārnā (-), To destroy life, to kill; to worry, tease, &c. (=jān khānā); to exert oneself to the utmost, strain every nerve:—jān-meṅ jān ānā (-, merī), To be revived (=jān paṛnā); to be satisfied, be comforted:—jān-nis̤ār, adj. Scattering life; ready to sacrifice life (for another), devoted; dying in agony;—jān-nis̤ārī, s.f. Readiness to sacrifice life (for another), devotedness, devotion:—jān-nis̤ārī karnā (-par), To devote (one's) life (for):—jān nikalnā, v.n. Life to depart, to die:—jān-hār, s.f. lit. 'Clinging to life'; a sudden reviving of consciousness and life in a dying man previous to his giving up the ghost (caused by the weeping and lamentation of those around him):—jān halkān karnā, v.n. To make life wearisome; to worry; to work to death (used by women):—be-jān, adj. Lifeless, dead; dispirited; listless; weak, feeble, inactive.

جان जान jān

H جان जान jān [S. ज्ञानी], adj. & s.m. Knowing, wise, intelligent; a conjurer; soothsayer; astrologer (=gyānī; ojhā).

جان जां jāṅ

H جان जां jāṅ, adv. corr. of jahāṅ, q.v.

جان जान jān

H جان जान jān [Prk. जाणं: S. ज्ञानं; see jānnā], s.f. Knowing; knowledge, apprehension, opinion:—jān-pahćān, s.m. An acquaintance, a familiar friend;—s.f. Acquaintance, familiarity:—jān-kār, adj. & s.m. Acquainted, familiar (with, -se);—an acquaintance (=jān-pahćān):—jān-kārī, adj. & s.f. Acquaintance, familiarity.

زن zan

P زن zan [rt. of zadan; Zend jan; S. हन्], act. part. & s.m. Beating, striking, smiting;—beater, striker (used as last member of compounds, e.g. rah-zan, 'high wayman').


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