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death anniversary of a Saint


عرس ʻurs v.n. fr. عرس 'to keep or cleave to,' c.

A عرس ʻurs (v.n. fr. عرس 'to keep or cleave to,' &c.), s.m. Marriage, nuptials; a marriage feast; a religious ceremony celebrating the union of the soul of a deceased pīr or saint with the Supreme Spirit (the saint's disciples gather round his grave, and read the fātiḥa, and offer food, incense, lights, &c., especially on the 12th of Rabīʻuʼl-awwal); offerings to a saint; oblations; obsequies:—ʻurs karnā (-), To celebrate the union (of), to give a marriage-feast; to celebrate the obsequies (of).

ارسانا उरसाना ursānā

H ارسانا उरसाना ursānā [S. उरस् 'the breast"], v.t. To cause emotion; to excite the passions.

پرس purs

P پرس purs [Old P. purs-īdan; Pehl. punś-itan; Z. pareś; S. praćh]; part. adj. Asking, inquiring, questioning (used at the end of comp.).

قرص qurṣ v.n. fr. قرص 'to take with the finger and thumb'; c.

A قرص qurṣ (v.n. fr. قرص 'to take with the finger and thumb'; &c.), s.m. A ball of leaven, or paste,' &c.; a pellet; an orb; disc (of the sun or moon); a round cake (of bread; or of soap, &c.); a biscuit; a wafer; a pastil; a lozenge; any medicine made up as a lozenge or wafer;—a small silver coin (worth about twopence).

ترش tursh, turush

P ترش tursh, turush [S. तृष्ट; or fr. Zend thwareś; see tarāsh], adj. Sour, acid; harsh, gruff, ill-tempered, crabbed, surly:—turush-rū, adj. Of sour aspect; stern-looking; ill-favoured, ugly; hard-favoured, surly, morose, crabbed, cynical, stern, gruff:—tursh-t̤abʻ, turush-mizāj, adj. Sour-tempered, harsh, morose, crabbed, surly.

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