Poets/Writers From Madhya Pradesh

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One of the founding fathers of Urdu poetry, contemporary of Meer Taqi meer.

Ameeq Hanafi

1928 - 1988

One of the most prominent modern poets and also a critic. He had deep interest in Indian philosophy and music. He was also a broadcaster associated with All India Radio.

Leading Pakistani poet who writes a four-lined on current affairs daily for the Pakistani Newspaper Jung.

Prominent Urdu fiction writer from Pakistan who also occasionally writes poetry

Progressive poet & lyricist. Father of noted lyricist Jawed Akhtar

Grand father of noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar.

Obaidullah Aleem

1939 - 1998

One of the most outstanding modern poets of Pakistan.

Akhtar Nazmi

1930 - 1997

A poet with sympathies for progressive ideology, also worked as the secretary of Progressive Writers Association

Arshad Siddiqui

1923 - 2003

A disciple of Seemab akbaradbadi, also popular in mushairas

Arshi Bhopali

1921 - 1977

Prominent critic and poet, worked as professor of Urdu in Delhi University

Dushyant Kumar

1933 - 1975

Prominent Hindi poet and fiction writer of the twentieth century; wrote many popular poems and earned a name for his Hindi ghazal

Habib Tanvir

1923 - 2009

One of the most well-known contemporary Drama personality, famous for his play "Agra-Baazar".

Film Lyricist, famous for his lyrics in the film 'Kaho na pyar hai'

Iqbal Majeed

1934 - 2019

Prominent among the modern story writers; known for the multilayered quality of his narrative.

Known for his role in Independence struggle, Urdu academics and literature

Kaif Bhopali

1917 - 1991

Popular poet and lyricist famous for his lyrics in film Paakeeza.

Mohsin Bhopali

1932 - 2007

Muzaffar Hanfi

1936 - 2020

One of the prominent modern poets.

Rahat Indori

1950 - 2020

Popular poet and film lyricist.



Sahba lakhnavi

1919 - 2002

Sajid Sajni

1922 - 1989

An expert of Indian Music and Vocalist.

Sheri Bhopali

1902 - 1991

Sughra Mehdi

1937 - 2014

Suha Mujaddadi

1892 - 1947

Prominent interpreter of Mirza Ghalib poetry

Zareef Jabalpuri

1913 - 1963

Eminent Poet and Lyricist

Prominent critic and poet, authored a number of books

Asad Bhopali

1921 - 1990

Poet & film lyricist.

Well-known nazm poet

Faiyaz Gwaliari

1906 - 1980

Fazl Tabish

1933 - 1995

Hanif Fauq

1926 - 2009

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