Poets/Writers From Aligarh

Total: 167

Ze Khe Sheen

1894 - 1922

Zahida Zaidi

1930 - 2011

One of the leading women poets in India.

Waheed Akhtar

1935 - 1996

One of most outstanding modern poets and critics.

Varis Kirmani

1927 - 2012

A modern short story writer of prominence; also associated with the Urdu department of Aligarh Muslim University.

Syeda Farhat

1938 - 2003

One of the most prominent fiction writers known for his stories drawing upon the cultural heritage of the past. Also the first one to make animals and non-living things the central metaphors in his stories.

One of the prominent modern poet.

Eminent intellectual, statesman and educationist,founder of Aligarh Muslim University


1936 - 2012

One of the most prominent modern Urdu poets and lyricist. Wrote songs for the movie "Umrao Jaan". Recipient of the Bhartiya Gyan Peeth award.

Prominent new generation poet

Young story writer; also known for her critical writings on fiction.

Seema Saghir

1959 - 2022

Indian politician, designated senior advocate, eminent author and a law teacher

Sajida Zaidi

1929 - 2011

One of the leading women poets in India.

Contemporary fiction writer; known for underscoring the current socio-political issues.

Saghar Nizami

1905 - 1984

Prominent popular poet, known for his partriotic poems / Honoured with Padma Bhushan

Rasheed Jahan

1905 - 1952

A votary of non-traditional thoughts, a well known short story writer and playwright. One of the authors included in the controversial volume Angaarey, she drew upon women’s issues fearlessly.

Prominent satirist and humorist, known for his individual prose style. He was associated with the Urdu department of Aligarh Muslim university.

Rahi Masoom Raza

1927 - 1992

Well-known fiction and film writer known for his dialogues in TV serial "Mahabharat".