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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Author : Nazeer Akbarabadi

Editor : Shamshuddin Ahmad muneeri

V4EBook_EditionNumber : 001

Publisher : Ram Narayan Lal, Allahabad

Year of Publication : 1940

Language : Urdu

Categories : Poetry

Sub Categories : Intikhab

Pages : 129

Contributor : Malik Ehsan, Dr. Aditya Behl

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About The Book

اردو ادب کے عوامی شاعر نظیر اکبر آبادی متاج تعارف نہیں ۔ ان کاکلام گنگا جمنی تہذیب ،قومی و ملی اتحاد کا سر چشمہ ہے۔ان کی نظم نگاری عام زندگی اور عوامی مسائل کی ترجمان ہے۔انھوں نے عوامی مسائل کو عوامی زبان میں بیان کیا ہے۔وہ ایک طرف عید ،شب برات ، ہولی ،دیوالی غرض ہرتہوار پر مسرت کے نغمے گاتے ہیں تو دوسری طرف خواجہ معین الدین اجمیری کی تعریف اور گرو نانک کو نذرانہ عقیدت بھی پیش کرتے ہیں۔ ان کی بات گویا ہر دل کی بات ہے کہ ان کی شاعری کسی مخصوص فرقے یا مذہب کی پیروی نہیں کرتی۔ان کی شاعری کی اہم خصوصیت جذبات واحساسات کو سادگی اور عام لہجے میں بیان کرنا ہے۔اس انتخاب میں نظیر احمد اکبرآبادی کے کلام سے ایسی نظموں کو شامل کیا گیا ہے ۔جس کی زبان سلیس و سادہ ہو۔جس کے مطالعے کے بعد قار ی نظیر کی شاعری کی خصوصیات پر عبور اور اس کے مخصوص طرز بیان سے کافی حد تک واقف ہوجائے گا۔اس کے علاوہ کتاب ہذا میں طلبہ کی سہولت کے لیے نظیر کے کلام پر تنقیدی تبصرہ اور ان کی سوانح حیات کو بھی مختلف عنوانات کے تحت شامل کیا گیا ہے۔جو ادب کے ہر طالب علم اورقاری کے لیے اہم اور معلوماتی ہیں۔

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About The Author

Syed Wali Mohammad, known as Nazeer Akbarabadi, is the only poet of his kind in Urdu for a variety of reasons. He was born in 1735 in Delhi. There was huge celebration at his birth as he was the only male child of his parents born after twelve daughters. He was brought up with great care and his mother took him to Agra when Delhi fell into bad days.

Nazeer received his early education in Agra. He belonged to a prosperous family and led his childhood and early life in comfort. Following the usual practice of the day, he trained himself as a soldier. He was deeply interested in sports also. When it was the time to pick on a profession for earning a livelihood, he chose to be teacher and started teaching children at Mathura. It is said that he was a teacher to six children of Raja Vilas Rao. Later, the raja of Bharatpur and the nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah, wanted to enrol him in their courts but Nazeer did not agree to leave his place.

Nazeer was a contemporary of Meer, Sauda, Jurat, Insha, and Mushafi who stood as the vanguards of classical Urdu poetry with ghazal being nourished as the most prestigious form of poetical expression. Nazeer opened up entirely new avenues for Urdu poetry as he chose his material from life brilliantly spread all around. There is hardly any aspect of secular life that did not engage his attention. His wrote poems on all religious festivals, communal events, carnivals, sports, hobbies, and scenes and scenarios of common life which none had done before him. He evolved a diction that too entirely new for the kind of poems he wrote. There is a general misconception that Nazeer wrote only on the folk life and its various manifestations but he also wrote highly sophisticated, persianised, and creatively rich ghazals which find him a place among the elitist poets of Urdu. 

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