Poets/Writers From Karachi

Total: 111

Renowned feminist poet, known for her social consciousness and creative sensibility.

Parveen Shakir

1952 - 1994

One of the most popular woman poets who gave expression to feelings and experiences specific to women.

Sarvat Husain

1949 - 1996

Prominent among New Wave poets in Pakistan who died in a train accident.

Akbar Masoom

1960 - 2019

Prominent Urdu poet from Canada having progressive leaning.

Azm Bahzad

1958 - 2011

Leading Pakistani poet having popular appeal, grandson of Behzad Lakhnawi.

Noted female poet from Pakistan who portraits the women-centric issues

One of the most prominent new generation Pakistani poets

One of the most prominent contemporary Pakistani poets

MA Rahat

1941 - 2017

Pakistani poet known for the ghazals laced with social and political satire

Prominent women poet from Pakistan, living in Dubai.

One of the prominent Pakistani women poets.



Young poet and story writer from Pakistan.

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