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Poet and journalist, remained associated with daily 'Jasaarat' and 'Jung'

Poet and journalist, remained associated with daily 'Jasaarat' and 'Jung'

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Pen Name : 'aKHtar'

Real Name : Syed Akhtar Ali

Born :Sindh

Relatives : Jauhar Saidi (Son)

jab tishnagī baḌhī to masīhā na thā koī

jab pyaas bujh ga.ī to samundar milā mujhe

jab tishnagi baDhi to masiha na tha koi

jab pyas bujh gai to samundar mila mujhe

Akhtar Saeedi was born in Sindh in 1958. His childhood days were passed in Karachi. He belongs to the clan that consists of the literary doyens like Bismil Saeedi and Dard Saeedi. The literary atmosphere of his household instilled the fondness for poetry and writings within him at a very early age. He recited poetry for the first time in a mushaira, during the 80s. Initially, his guide was Ismail Anees, but later he became a disciple of his father. He started his professional life in 19..8 with Jasarat daily of Karachi, where he used to edit its weekly diary Roshni Ka Shehr. It did not cross five years. In 198.., he began to work in Hurriyat daily and since 1985 till date, he has been working in Jung, Karachi. He had all the qualities of his father Jouhar Saeedi, who was a very skilled poet of his period. He was addressed as Saeed Akhtar Ali but he selected Akhtar as his pen name. Chiragh Jalne Tak, Firaaq Se Visaal Tak and Hawa Chiraagh Aaina are the titles of his collections of poetry



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