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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

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Anas Khan

1983 | Delhi, India

Profile of Anas Khan

Born : 03 May 1983 | Kaimganj, Uttar pradesh

Anas Khan is an eminent Indian Poet, best known for his art of composing phenomenal and memorable "Dohe" (Doha as singular).
Anas Khan is bestowed with the skill of weaving a Doha with exquisite imagination and philosophical theme that carries simple but awakening social message.

His writings are embodied with scientific facts and illustrated with extraordinary metaphors. He has an ability to catapult a simple Doha to divine level with polysemic spiritual revelations.

All this prowess gives his literature that "je ne se qoi" flavour, which is little found in Poets of his time. Breathing in easy Hindustani language of the time, his Dohe are braided with Urdu and Hindi words, often emotionally surprising its readers with colloquial phrases that slip through the cracks of mainstream or traditional ways of Poetry.

Infact, this versatility to interweave scientific facts, philosophical angles, metaphorical expressions, spiritual depth, and dialectical as well as authentic tones of easy-flowing Urdu-Hindi Dohe, probably registers him as the first Doha poet of this kind.

With his ancestral strings attached to the city of “Kaimganj” and post-graduating from Aligarh with Masters in Engineering, Anas Khan presently pursues his career and poetic passion in New Delhi, India.

In the history of Doha, Anas Khan's contribution to the literature of Doha would be noted as "The Dohakaar" who resurrected the dieing art of Doha with a whole new dimension, energy and life.

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