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Fay Seen Ejaz

1948 | Kolkata, India

An active literary journalist and engaged in his printing and publishing business. Besides being a poet, critic and translator he writes short stories and travelogues.

An active literary journalist and engaged in his printing and publishing business. Besides being a poet, critic and translator he writes short stories and travelogues.

Profile of Fay Seen Ejaz

Pen Name : 'Ejaz'

Real Name : Feroze Sultan Ejaz

Born : 02 May 1948 | Delhi

LCCN :n89114150

As recorded in school certificate, born on 2nd May 1948 in Delhi Fay Seen Ejaz (Feroze Sultan Ejaz) got his primary education from Fatehpuri Muslim High School in Delhi. He did Matriculation from Presidency Muslim High School, Calcutta in 1964 and completed Pre-University Course in 1966 and B.A. in 1969 both from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta. He left his LLB course of Calcutta University incomplete in its final year in 1972.

He is an active literary journalist and engaged in his printing and publishing business. Besides being a poet, critic and translator he writes short stories and travelogues.

 Marital Status:

 Married   :  Name of spouse: GULNAR FEROZE

Children  :  Daughter: Dr. ALFIA FEROZE, BHMS, (Teacher, Housewife, Jeddah), 

                    Son: SAQUIB FEROZE (Business in Calcutta)

                    Daughter: INSHA FEROZE (CA, in Job in Calcutta)


 (1) Tanhaiyan (Ghazals, Nazms) 1982 (2) Malik-e-Eaumuddin (Nazms) 1986 (3) Islami Tasawwuf Aur Sufi (essay on tasawwuf and a selection of  Jalaluddin Rumi's Hikayaat 1986 (4) Mausam Badal Raha Hai (Ghazals) 1988 (5) Lashareek (Nazms) (6) Europe Ka Safarnama (travelog of Moscow, Norway, Denmark, London, Paris) 1991 (7) Khwabon Ke Asrar (translation of an American book on dreams (with an original research work about dream elements in Urdu literature)1997 (8) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (translation of Netaji's biography written by his nephew Sisir Kumar Bose in English) (9) Mausam Badal Raha Hai (Ghazals: Hindi) 1999 (10) Sahib-e-Fun (Nazms) 2001 (11) Izdawaji Sukh (prose and poetry, quotations about the happiness of married life) 2001 (12) Maw’qif (essays) 2002 (13) Oonche Makanon Ke Qareeb (Ghazals) 2005 (14) Muntakhab Dalit Kahaniyan (translation from Hindi for Sahitya Akademi) 2006 (15) Syria Mein Dus Roz (travelog of Syria 2006) (16) Mun'akis (translation of 94 best verses of different countries from English) (17) Niaz Fatehpuri (monograph for Sahitya Akademi) 2011 (18) Pluto Ki Maut (Urdu short stories) 2012 (19 ) Chand Per Diya (Ghazals) 2014 (20) Adeebon Ki Hayat-e-Muasheqa (Love-lives of the Litterateurs, Revised Album Edition) (2014) (21) Irtikaz (Essays) 2016 (22) Thoda Sa Tagore (Research work on Tagore with first ever translation of 20 Rabindra Sangit to Rabindra Sangit in Urdu) 2016 (23) Jheel Ke Bister Per (Geets-Hindi Edition) 2011 (24) Cheen Yatra (Travelogue, China) 2017 (25) Meri Rooh Ka Parinda (Selection of Nazms upto 2001) 2018.

 Translation of his works:

 Ejaz's selected writings have been translated in Hindi, English, and Marathi, Bengali magazines. His travelogue "Syria Mein Dus Roz" has been translated into Hindi in "Shesh" magazine by Hasan Jamal. Poems have been translated into English in a book "A Fairy In The Goblet" by Samir Mukerjee.

 Journal activities:

 Started first Urdu Digest of India ("Fanoos Digest") with his elder brother late Mr. Ataur Rahman from Calcutta in 1965. Thirteen issues were published. Then personally launched "Mahnama Insha" in 1986 from Calcutta. It is the longest surviving Urdu periodical of Calcutta and has turned Calcutta into a vibrant city in Urdu journalism and publications. It has also published 25 special volumes in last 34 years. These are:

(1) Ahmed Saeed Malihabadi Number (2) Kunwar Mahinder Singh Bedi Sahar Number (3) Adeebon Ki Hayat-e-Muasheqa (Love-lives of the litterateurs) (4) Qamar Rais Number (5) Insha Aalami Urdu Afsane (6) Babri Masjid Number (7) Scandinavian Literature Number (8) Sadi Shumara (100th issue) (9) Niaz Fatehpuri Number (10) Dalip Singh Number (11) Bakhsh Lyalpuri Number (12) Anwar Sheikh Number (13) Calcuttey Ka Asri Adab Number (14) Nesar Ahmed Faruqi Number (15) 9 Contemporary Fiction writers of Calcutta (16) Gopichand Narang Number (17) Gulzar Number (18) Rumi Number (19) Guftani Number (164 Selected editorials) (20) Shakeelur Rahman Number (21) Silver Jubilee-Tagore Number (Twin special issue) (22) Ek Shumara-e-Maktubat (23) Mukhtasar Takhleeqat Number (24) Sultan Ahmed Number (25) Khusrau Darpan (on Ameer Khusrau).


 Sahitya Akademi’s Urdu translation award for 2011. Award from Delhi Library Board, Delhi Public Library , Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for 2018. 23rd Annual Award of Majlis Farogh-e- Urdu Adab , Doha , Qatar , 2019 . Also recipient of several awards from Urdu academies of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal, All India Mir Academy, Lucknow, Asian Immigrants’ Association (on Insha Aalami Urdu Afasne), Inter-State Maithali Sammelan, Delhi (2007) for promotion of Urdu language in Calcutta. Loksakha Sammanna Award for service to Urdu poetry (2009), “Akhbar-e-Mashriq” Awards for Literature (2010) and for publication (2012). Urdu Journalists’ Club sponsored Jaam-e-Jahan Numa Award for journalism (2013). Literature Award from All India Qaumi Ekta Manch (2013). Nazeer Akbarabadi Award for poetry (2014), Abdul Razzaq Malihabadi Award for journalism (2016) and Imdad Imam Asar Award for criticism (2017) all three from W.B. Urdu Academy.

  A research book on Ejaz:

 Dr. Syed Yahya Nasheet an eminent Urdu scholar from Maharashtra has published a prestigious 450 page research work "Fay Seen Ejaz - Husht Pahloo Fankar".


 Travelled abroad several times to participate in mushairas and conferences and other literary events. Countries visited are Norway, Denmark, U.S.S.R., U.K., France, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar, Mauritius, U.S.A., China and Kazakhstan.


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