Malika Naseem's Photo'

Malika Naseem

1954 | Jaipur, India

Born : 01 Jan 1954 | Allahabad, India

ḳhvāb Thahre the to āñkheñ bhīgne se bach ga.iiñ

varna chehre par to ġham bārishoñ aks hai

KHwab Thahre the to aankhen bhigne se bach gain

warna chehre par to gham ki barishon ka aks hai

Malika Naseem, Born in Allahabad, on 1st Jaunuary, 1954, living in Jaipur. Got  masters in Urdu literature from Lucknow university.  She has a prominent place among the women poets who surfaced around 1980. She is famous in Mushairas as well, got an award for her literary achievements, from  Rajasthan Urdu Academy. Mingling of contemporary trends & sensibility  and classical Ghazal are the beauty of her poetry and and her faminine tone is very dignified.