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Murtaza Barlas


Pen Name : 'Murtaza Barlas'

Real Name : Murtaza Beg Birlas

Born : 30 Jan 1934 | Rampur, Uttar pradesh

chehre chāñdnī pe na itnā bhī maan kar

vaqt-e-sahar rañg kabhī chāñd bhī dekh

chehre ki chandni pe na itna bhi man kar

waqt-e-sahar tu rang kabhi chand ka bhi dekh

Murtaza Beg Birlaas was born on 30 January 1934 in Rampur state. Initially, he studied at the Government College of Muradabad and completed his M.Sc. in mathematics from Agra University in 1955. He then moved to Pakistan in 1956. In 1960, he was selected for Punjab Civil Services and served as Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner in various districts. He became the Resident Director of the Arts Council, Lahore (Al Hamra) in 1976. After that he made a switch over to State Services and worked as a Deputy Commissioner of Wahadi Khhane Wal and as a commissioner of Bahawalpur. He has had no literary guide and is known by his pen name Birlaas. He is a poet cum bureaucrat. Taisha-E-Karb, Izteraar, Girha-E-Neem Baaz and Irtiaash are the collections of his poetry while Apne Zakhmon Ka Lahu is his autobiography.

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