Sher Singh Naaz Dehlvi's Photo'

Sher Singh Naaz Dehlvi

1898 - 1962 | Delhi, India

Pen Name : 'naaz'

Real Name : Sher Singh Jain

Born :Delhi

Died : 19 Mar 1962

chuum kar aayā hai ye dast-e-hinā.ī aap

kyuuñ na rakkhūñ maiñ kaleje se lagā kar tiir ko

chum kar aaya hai ye dast-e-hinai aap ka

kyun na rakkhun main kaleje se laga kar tir ko

Sher Singh Jain Naz Dehlavi was born in a respectable and educated family of Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi in 1898. His father, Lala Girdhari Lal was one of the better known elites of his town. Naz studied Western literature before coming to Urdu and writing poetry in this language. At the beginning of his career, he sought counselling from Sirajuddin Khan Sail Dehlavi but later he went to Barq Dehlavi for this purpose.

Naz emerged as a popular poet of mushairas both because of his lyrical voice and the kind of romantic poetry that he wrote with great expertise. He was shaken by the upheavals of 1947, and being deeply saddened he chose to withdraw from poetical soirees and went into retreat. He died on 19 March 1962. His poetry was published in a collection called Khadang-e-Naz in 1962.  

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