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Swapnil Tiwari

1984 | Mumbai, India

Prominent new generation poet

Prominent new generation poet

Real Name : Swapnil Kumar Tiwari

Born : 06 Oct 1984 | Ghazipur, Uttar pradesh

agar dobāra banī ye duniyā

to pahle terī galī banegī

agar dobara bani ye duniya

to pahle teri gali banegi

In the new literary generation of Urdu poetry, Swapnil Tiwari’s name is both accepted and known. Owning to his lyrical verses and unalike style, he has made a distinguished place for himself in the hearts of poetry lovers. He was born on October 6, 1984 in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.

Currently based in Mumbai, he is associated with the film industry contributing both as a lyricist as well as a scriptwriter. He embodies new motifs in his ghazals with great beauty and sophistication, painting words or imagery in such a way that the whole scenario comes before our eyes while reading the poems. Tinged by words, he paints the landscapes of the valley of imagination wherein his heart ecstatically wanders. Such use of language, expression, and words is a skill that is sparsely found in new poets. His first collection of poems was published under the title "Chand Dinner Par Baitha Hai”, and has been well received in literary circles. His second collection of poems, ‘Zindagi Ek Udas Ladki Hai’, is also coming out soon.

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