Zaheer Kashmiri's Photo'

Zaheer Kashmiri

1919 - 1994 | Lahore, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Zheer'

Real Name : Peer Dastgeer Zaheer

Born : 21 Sep 1919 | Amritsar, Punjab

Died : 12 Dec 1994 | Lahore, Punjab

Peer Dastgeer Zaheer was known as Zaheer Kashmiri in the literary world. He was born on 21 August 1919 in Amritsar, but he originally belonged to Kashmir. He did his Masters in English. He started poetry when he was eleven years old. He had reached Lahore before partition. In beginning, he worked for films. In 1959, he started writing a column in Ehsaan daily, under the pseudo name, Majnu. He had been the editor of Sawera. He wrote the story of Teen Phool, a movie that he directed himself. He remained associated with Masawat as well. Azmat-E-Aadam, Taghazzul, Chiragh-E-Aakhir-E-Shab, Raqse Junuun and Auraaq-E-Musawwir are collections of his poetry. He passed away on 12 December 1994 in Lahore.

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