Author : Abdul Hamid Adam

Publisher : Amrik Anand

Language : Urdu

Categories : Poetry

Sub Categories : Ghazal

Pages : 126

Contributor : Ghalib Academy, Delhi


About The Book

عبد الحمید عدم کا شمار اردو غزل کے ان پر گو اور قادر الکلام شعرا میں ہوتا ہے جو ذہن کو جنبش دینے کے بجائے درد دل پر دستک دیتے اور مردہ قلوب کو جگاتے ہیں ،ان کی شاعری انسانی زندگی کا استعارہ ہے، زیر نظر کتاب عبد الحمید عدم کی غزلیات کا مختصر مجموعہ ہے اس مجموعہ پر سن اشاعت موجود نہیں ہے، یہ مجموعہ مکتوبہ کارباں سے شائع ہوا۔

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About The Author

Abdul Hamid Adam was a famous Urdu poet of his time. He first takhallus was Akhtar but later switched to Adam. He was born on April 10, 1909 in Lyallpur (now Faisalabad), Punjab. His father passed away when he was merely 16, so he was brought up by one of his relatives (later his father in law). He did his Matriculation and got employed at the Military Account Department, Rawalpindi as a clerk. In 1941, he passed the highest exam of his department with distinction. Abdul started writing poetry in his late teens. He is a master of short meters and simplicity of ideas which touch the heart. There are about four dozen published collections of his Urdu poetry. He also wrote nazms, masnavis and qata (quatrains).

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