A disciple of Seemab Akbarabadi, published several collections of his ghazals and nazms


One of the well-known poets of Tamil Nadu

Poet, writer and translator from Maharashtra, also translated Marathi poems into Urdu

1938 -1990

Last Mughal Emperor and contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq.

1775 -1862

Parsi religious scholar who deeply absorbed Urdu literary traditions and wrote poetry in Urdu and Persian

A people’s poet with progressive leanings, also served as the president of Progressive Writers Association of UK

1934 -2002

One of the better-known poets of Bhopal, was influenced by Progressive Writers Movement

1922 -1984

A new age Indian poet


A poet-mentor, favourite disciple of Mirza Ghalib

1820 -1890

One of the leading modern poets and short story writer, who made outstanding contribution to modern Urdu Nazm in India.

1928 -2013

Prominent classical poet of South India

1745 -1805

Radical Urdu critic who wrote unconventional poetry.

1927 -2006

Prominent poet, story writer, and translator, wrote books on issues in science and translated several books from other literature of the world

1936 -2019

One of the most prominent modern poets of Pakistan

1905 -1972

A later descendant of Delhi’s poetry tradition, known for his play 'Krishna Avataar'

1884 -1936

Poet based in Delhi, works for the Persian service of All India Radio


One of the prominent progressive poets, critic and lyricist Known for writing lyrics ‘karoge yaad to har baat yaad…’ for ‘Bazaar’.

1935 -2015

A well-known Urdu and Punjabi poet, also wrote geet in both the languages

1925 -1990

Prominent literary figure known for his monumental book on Delhi's history