Well-known poet/Living in Noida


Prominent post-modernist fiction writer and poet; known well for his novel Paleeta.

1956 -2016

One of the most celebrated 19th century Lucknow poets, author of the renowned masnavi gulzaar-e-naseem

1811 -1845

Zahirul Haq alias Prakash Fikri, was a modernist Urdu poet famous for his collections of poetry such as; Safar Sitara and Ek Zara Si Barish.

1931 -2008

Poet, Researcher and Translator/Known for Urdu translation of Ghalib’s Persian letters.

1932 -2016

One of the most popular woman poets who gave expression to feelings and experiences specific to women.

1952 -1994

Prominet poet of New Nazm

1910 -1968

Pakistani poet known for the ghazals laced with social and political satire


Prominent upcoming new generation poet


Prominent poet of New Ghazal. 'The Silken Knot' is the english version of his selected ghazals