Last of classical poets who celebrated life and love. Famous for his playfulness of words (idioms/ phrases).

1831 -1905

One of the important poets from Gulbarga; worked tirelessly for the cause of Urdu

One of the prominent young poets from Pakistan; died early of a deadly disease


One of the contemporary short story writers


Known for his poetry of mystical and spiritual leanings; wrote poems on major religious and spiritual characters

1921 -1989

Prominent scholar of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit

1866 -1955

Prominent contemporary and rival of Siraj Aurangabadi


A poet influenced by progressive thoughts, committed suicide at an early age

1932 -1936

One of the romantic poets; also published a collection of romantic poems called Roomaniyaat

1930 -1992

Popular poet, known for his ghazals as well as geet and mahiye; also wrote a history of Kashmir in verse called 'Aaj Shikaare Mein'


Poet and lyricist. Famous for his lyrics in film Pinjar ‘Charkha chalaati maa’


A well-known poet from Tonk, also remembered for his naats


A poet of repute, disciple of Ameer Meenai; also wrote a novel called Dard-e-Dil

1875 -1959

A poet prominent among the younger poets of Pakistan


A poet from Bhopal, edited two volumes of poetry called 'Bhopal Mein Ghazal' and 'Gumnaam Goshe'

Well-known poet, wrote the oft-quoted sher: Ab to itni bhi mayassar naheen maikhaane mein - Jitni hum chhod dia karte thhe paimaane mein

Prominent Hindi poet and fiction writer of the twentieth century; wrote many popular poems and earned a name for his Hindi ghazal

1933 -1975