1928 -1993

Popular poet from Pakistan, known for his anti-establishment poetry, having mass following.

1923 -2009

One of the most well-known contemporary Drama personality, famous for his play "Agra-Baazar".

1912 -1973

Popular poet famous for his widely-sung ghazal "mohabbat karne wale kam na honge, teri mahfil mein lekin ham na honge".

1900 -1982

Popular romantic poet made famous by Malika Pukhraj by singining ghazal "abhi to main jawan huun". Wrote the National Anthem of Pakistan.

1865 -1918

Famous for his sher, 'Baith jaata hun jahan chhanv ghani hoti hai.'

1922 -2000

One of the most popular poets, famous for his sher 'Sheesha toote gul mach jae, dil toote awaz na aae.'

1778 -1847

Contemporary of Mirza Ghalib, Aatish was one of the shining stars of 19th century Urdu Ghazal.


Noted story writer from Pakistan.

1835 -1892

Prominent Contemporary of Akbar Allahabadi known for his oft-quoted sher 'Aagah apni maut se koi bashar nahin…'

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