Poets/Writers From Moradabad

Total: 82

Jigar Moradabadi

1890 - 1960

One of the most prominent pre-modern poets who enjoyed stunning popularity and fan-following.

Mohammad Hasan

1926 - 2010

Rais Farogh

1926 - 1982

One of the most outstanding Pakistani poets of new ghazal.

Dushyant Kumar

1933 - 1975

Prominent Hindi poet and fiction writer of the twentieth century; wrote many popular poems and earned a name for his Hindi ghazal

A renowned scholar, poet, linguist and author. He dedicated his life to learning and education. An expert in the art of chronograms

Iqbal Majeed

1934 - 2019

Prominent among the modern story writers; known for the multilayered quality of his narrative.

Khurshidul islam

1919 - 2006

One of the most prominent Urdu critics.

Qamar Moradabadi

1910 - 1987

A great scholar and educator.

Young story writer; also known for his critical writings on fiction.

Ejaz Warsi

1911 - 1993

Gauhar Usmani

1924 - 2004

Kaif Moradaabadi

1907 - 1976