Abdul Aziz Fitrat's Photo'

Abdul Aziz Fitrat

1905 - 1968 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Real Name : Abdul Aziz

Born : 15 Feb 1905 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Died : 05 Oct 1968 | Rawalpindi, Pakistan

aur bhī kitne tarīqe haiñ bayān-e-ġham ke

muskurātī huī āñkhoñ ko to pur-nam na karo

aur bhi kitne tariqe hain bayan-e-gham ke

muskuraati hui aankhon ko to pur-nam na karo

Abdul Aziz Fitrat was born on 15 Feb, 190 5 in Rawalpindi. He chose multiple roles for himself as a poet, journalist and social worker. He worked in postal department for a long time. His poetry is deeply rooted in classical tradition but he developed an individual voice by exploiting local linguistic features in his poetry. His collection of poetry—Kalaam-e-Fitrat--was published posthumously.

Fitrat died on 05 October, 1967, in Rawalpindi.