Iqbal Azeem's Photo'

Iqbal Azeem

1913 - 2000 | Karachi, Pakistan

Real Name : Iqbal Azeem

Born : 08 Jul 1913 | Meerut, Uttar pradesh

Died : 22 Dec 2000

Relatives : Wahshat Raza Ali Kalkatvi (Mentor)

Iqbal Azeem was born in Meerut in 1913 and acquired his basic education from Agra. After partition, he moved to Pakistan. His two collections of ghazals are 'Mizarb' and 'Lav Kush'. His collection of naats is 'Kab-e-Qausain'. He also wrote 'Mashraqi Bengal Me Urdu' – a critic on Urdu language evolution in Bengal.

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