Literal meaning of Qata is ‘separated’. Qata stands for a series of couplets in a ghazal having continuity of thought. A ghazal having one or more Qatas is called Qata-Band ghazal. Qatas also have independent existence comprising at least four lines. In a Qata, the second and fourth lines follow the same rhyming scheme.


A poet of humour; published a collection of poems 'Andaaz-e-Bayaan'


Contempory Pakistani poet having a popular appeal.

1909 -1981

Popular Poet with dominant romantic shades celebrating love and life.

1916 -2006

Most outstanding Pakistani, Progressive poet. Also counted among leading fiction-writers. Edited an important literary magazine Funoon.

1923 -2002

Poet, lyricist, founding editor of literary magazine quarterly ''Svera''

1779 -1879

One of the most vocal critics of Ghalib's poetic style.

1846 -1921

The greatest Urdu poet of humour and satire who was a Sessions judge at Allahabad.


Poet & researcher known for his long poem “Sochne Pe Pahraa hai" /Professor JNU

1909 -1988

Known for his emotional intensity tinged with irony

1940 -1998

Poet and prose writer, known for his Qitas and long poems

1905 -1948

One of the most popular Urdu poets ever, known for his intense romantic poetry.

1913 -2000

One of the most celebrated progressive poets, literary critic, public intellectual and editor.Contemporary of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Recipient of Gyanpeeth Award. Produced documentaries on Urdu poetry.

1877 -1938

One of the greatest Urdu Poets.National poet of Pakistan who penned 'Saare jahan se achaa hindustaan hamara', and 'Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri'.

1930 -2019

Well-known poet from Kolkata, wrote Ghazal, Nazm, and Rubai; published several collections of poetry for children, also edited several literary journals

1920 -1975

Prominent fiction writer, satarist and poet


Pakistani poet famous for TV Serials written by him.


A popular Mushaira poetess


One of the prominent poets of Humour & Satire in the Indian subcontinent


Prominent Modern Pakistani Poet

1911 -1955

One of the most famous Progressive poets known for romantic & revolutionary poetry. He was maternal Uncle to film lyricist Jawed Akhtar.


A famous Pakistani poet of the younger generation; published a collection Main Kisi Daastaan se Ubhrunga.


Well-known Indian poet representing the younger generation