itne bhi hum KHarab na hote rahte

Meer Taqi Meer

itne bhi hum KHarab na hote rahte

Meer Taqi Meer

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    itne bhī ham ḳharāb na hote rahte

    kaahe ko ġham-e-alam se rote rahte

    sab ḳhvāb-e-adam se chauñkne ke haiñ vabāl

    behtar thā yahī ki vahīñ sote rahte

    itne bhi hum KHarab na hote rahte

    kahe ko gham-e-alam se rote rahte

    sab KHwab-e-adam se chaunkne ke hain wabaal

    behtar tha yahi ki wahin sote rahte


    • Book: Urdu Ki Behtareen Shayari (Poetry) (Pg. 229)
    • Author: Parkash Pandit
    • Publication: Hind Pocket Books (2010)
    • Edition: 2010

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