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Mirza Azeem Baig Chughtai

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Mirza Azeem Baig Chughtai

Mirza Azeem Baig Chughtai

Azeem Beg Chughtai is one of the popular Urdu satirists. His light-hearted humor is based on the mischievousness of boyhood that every human being has ever experienced. So the common people liked his satire very much.

Azeem Beg Chughtai was born in Jodhpur. There he got his primary education. He was very weak due to a condition, and this disease carried on from his birth to death. This disease also had a psychological effect on him. Ismat Chughtai was his sister. She wrote a sketch of his brother under the title "Dozakhi" and described his psychological complications in a very interesting way. The mischievous pictures of boyhood that Azeem Beg Chughtai paints in his writings are a natural reaction to this weakness. He has been suffering from heart disease for a long time. He finally died in 1941.
He is often not numbered among top satirists. There are many reasons for this. He has no important topics or themes. There are just stories of sports and fun and mischief. They lack thinking and serious topics. That's why all the humor comes from plots and funny incidents. Their characters are always laughing. That is why it has been said that the world that is seen in his works is one full of commotion.

Another of his weaknesses is his verbosity. Apart from writing a lot, inattention to language is also a weakness in his craft. It is also important to keep in mind that Azeem Beg Chughtai was disgusted with the evils of society and wanted reform. To this end, he wrote humorous and satirical articles. He also wrote a serious book, “Qur'an Aur Parda”.

‘Shariir Biwi’, ‘Koltaar’, and ‘Khanum’ are his other works which became very popular.

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